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AIAITIE Information

AIAITIE Information



Moxibustion has obvious effects on curing various disease, it is simple, economical and practical. Besides, moxibustion has no side effects to human body, as long as patients obey the principle of treatment and operation procedures.

There are some taboos and attention matters you should know when performing moxibustion:

1.Women during menstrual period and excessive tired people are not suitable for moxibustion. Within one hour after a meal should not do moxibustion. The pulse of more than 90 times per minute bans moxibustion; hunger, fullness and drunk ban moxibustion; pregnant belly and lumbosacral is disabled; body inflammation sites ban moxibustion.

2.Do not perform moxibustion on nipples, privates, testicular, large blood vessels, heart and eyes. In addition, do not perform direct moxibustion on joints

3.Do not perform moxibustion during certain infectious diseases, coma, convulsions or extreme physical failure.

4.Patient who tend to lose self-control easily, such as psychopath are not suitable for moxibustion.

5.Find the accurate acupoint and the comfortable position for yourself to ensure the efficiency of moxibustion.

6.Moxibustion order: If you need to perform moxibustion on many scattered acupoints, perform in a proper sequence as back, head and trunk first, then chest, abdomen, arms and legs and left point first then right. For insomnia, perform moxibustion at bed-time.

7.Step by step: if you just start to perform moxibustion, from less quantity of moxa stick first, then you can add more depend on your physical condition. Don't rush for quick results and perform an excess of acupoints and time. When treating a certain disease, perform it in strict accordance with the given requirements. Moxibustion for daily health care, perform 2-3 acupoints for 10-20 minutes.Avoid non-stop performing moxibustion for a long time or performing too casually.

8.Don't wash hands or body with cold water within 30 minutes after the moxibustion. Drink large amounts of warm water (must not drink cold water or ice water), helps excrete toxins from the body organ.

9.A small number of people will suffer from excessive internal heat after performing moxibustion and feel unusually dry and pain in their throat, it is a normal reaction for our body, shows that Yin and Yang are balancing with each other. Then drink more water to alleviate this internal heat. Don't stop, just continue moxibustion.

10.Some patient catch erythema after moxibustion, they would considered it as allergy. In fact, this is because cold evil are driven out of the body by Yang vigour. Erythema is just normal reaction of it. If moxibustion has been stopped at this moment, cold evil will go on to damage inside organs.

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Dr.Moxa Dealer System

In order to better serve dealers around the world and quickly promote Moxa in the

those local markets, our company draws up dealership rating and corresponding

agent price based on business range of every dealer.

1. Service and Support:

1) We will introduce the local patients and buyers to our agents. Meanwhile, we will

display the contact info, such as Phone number, Facebook, and Web link of our agents on

our official website for the purpose of local buyers can find agents easily.

2) We will provide guidance of our product, the way to select acupoints, training courses,

product information and videos to our agents.

3) We will provide any other services and knowledge for our distributors within our


About Shipping :

1.High Quality Shipping Service: We choose DHL as the shipping way for its safe and

fast air-transportation delivery service. It only takes 3-5 days to main nations worldwide .It

can also avoid many customs clearance problem in many nations.

2.Cheap Shipping Cost :

(1) Our logistics partner is A-level DHL Agent in China mainland, they offer the best price

to us in China. The shipping cost we charge is same as our logistics partner offer us , we

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(2)We will try to announce the goods with low value on the invoice for avoiding taxes for

you .In this way ,you can save much even avoid the high customs taxes.

3.Optional Shipping Way :If our customer don't choose our shipping way,we can send

the products to your appointed logistics forwarder in china mainland. In this way ,they can

replace us to arrange the shipping to your nation.

For more cooperation details , pls feel free to contact us. Join us as the link below:

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