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ShenZhen QianHai CulturesIn Culture & Technology Co., LTD is to inher-it and carry forward the Chinese culture. By researching and develop-ing new products which contain the character of traditional Chinese culture, the company aims at helping more people have a better under-standing of China and its culture. In the near future, the company   will build a platform for the exchange and communication of global 

culture to link the whole world together.


Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is an important part of Chinese cul-ture. AIAITIE is the brand name of our moxibustion porduct.The aim 

of AIAITIE is to bear and develop moxibustion culture, innovate the 

traditional function of moxibustion products for a better use for 

green health care. AIAITIE believes in "culture Inheritance, development, beauty of practice ". AIAITIE is a product with beauty, simplici-ty and convenience.



CulturesIn is very honored to be the only official overseas distributor of AIAITIE, to con- tribute and carry forward the culture of Chinese moxibustion.

Our slogan is: Let cultures run!

CulturesIn moving forward with faith, born in belief, awaken in times, we are dream-seekers looking for what people really want, the path may be uneven, that's what makes everything so precious!



For thousands of years, as a warm and devoted friend, mugwort helped Chinese people to escape many painful disease, brought health back to people's life. That is why mugwort worth the title "The King of Herbs". Up to the Yan and Huang emperor, saint Confucius and Mencius, down to the countryman and pawn, all without exception were treasure mugwort. There are about 200 references about mugwort in ancient Chinese documents, 30 of them are in the famous Chinese medical book Compendium of Materia Medica which were composed by Li shizhen. After fully and comprehensively research the archaic Ai(mugwort) culture, inherit ancestor's preference for mugwort, AIAITIE persist in using mugwort as the only raw material.

TCM Moxibustion

Chinese Culture


"learn from the nature", when primitive people start to use fire, they feel comfortable to roast their painful part in front the fire, soon they find burning moxa grass can cure many disease, that is the time moxibustion came into being. Manufacturer select the best mugwort, sort out the most effective part, crush the mugwort leaves, purified them, sun-cure moxa till dry out, shape it up into a moxa stick, these six steps completed the high quality of AIAITIE. Torx designed pedestal, enables more heating power and better curative effect. AIAITIE, a perfect combination of modern and tradition, the chic concept built on ancient legacy.

Practical Beautiful

Reject the useless procedure, simplify and better the production, Torx designed pedestal, more sufficient heat power and better curative effect. The outer package design shows a subtle blend of traditional charm with modern amenities, enables more people to enjoy moxibustion. The criterion of AIAITIE is to develop a practical and elegant moxibustion product.

Chinese Medicine

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